Arts and Crafts

Wall Art
Lunch Planner

Porcelain Egg Display

Tile Art

Sunburst Mirror
Menu Planner Chalk Board
Shadowbox Butterfly Display
Stained Glass-style Bottle
Faux Stained Glass
Anatomy of a Painting

Fabric Circle Wall Art

Tooth Fairy Pouch
Easter Grass- Turned Flower Buds

How to make a Shadow Box Frame

Names on the Wall
Toilet Paper Roll Frame

Moroccan- Star Plant Container

Gallery Wall
Japanese Wall Art
Lamp Re-do
Jewelry Box
Pencil Container
Wall Clock Dial
Making a Frame for a mirror
Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art


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  2. great projects!! Thanks for sharing

  3. cool ideas !!!!!! Thanks :)

  4. Lovely ideas - thanks for sharing.

  5. Where are the directions


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