Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Framing a clock with toilet paper rolls rocks!

 I don't know if you remember back when I made the tile art, but at the time I went on record as saying that it wouldn't last a week in my house. I was just waiting for one of the kids to throw a ball at it and break it. Well, surprisingly it wasn't the tile art that met it's demise at the hands of the Izzo children. It was unfortunatly the wall clock.

It took some serious talent to break that thing the way they did. I thought that because it was made of plastic that it would be a lot harder to break. Well I was very wrong.

I had also mentioned, after I did the toilet paper wall art design in the girl's room, that I wanted to do something like it for my living room. This project will be a glorious blending of these two past projects. Be prepared for toilet jokes along the way. I can't help myself!

What the what!? So I guess it's time for a clock re-do. 

I started by painting the clock face all white. I wanted a more modern "I don't know what the heck time it is" feel. Because really, when your kids are learning to tell time, (insert sarcasm) you should make it easy on them right?
I then spray painted the frame around the face silver.

As everything was drying, set to work painting and cutting the toilet paper rolls.
 The colors I was working with were black for the inside of the roll and gold for the outside.
 I learned from doing this the first time it is WAY way easier to paint the rolls first and then cut them.

 When the rolls were dry I cut them into 1 inch sections. I did this with scissors, but if you have a shaky hand consider using an exacto blade.

I take the cut sections and create a design before I glue them together.
When I'm happy with the design I hot glue it together. Be extra careful to make sure the end product is flat.
When everything is glued  I add a little extra gold paint to the top of each cut roll. This little extra really makes it pop!!

Here is the finished product hanging on the wall.

Wow! I got through that without one single bathroom joke. I must be having an off day!


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