Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clock re-do

Today I did something that pained me greatly; I bought a jar of Mod Podge! I know that you're wondering "what's the big deal?" and "where have you been?!" Here's my awful confession- I'm cheap, really cheap and to me Mod Podge seemed like pricey glue and I just didn't want to spend $7 on a jar of glue. I'm a snot, I know! Well you'll be happy to know that I've changed my snotty ways, broke down and bought the stuff and you know, I really like it!

So I went on a Mod Podge rampage today and started a few projects. One of them being a little wall clock I had hanging in my living room. It was one of those cheap wall clocks that you'd find at a school or a doctor's office. It's soul purpose was to help us remember what time to get Aden on and off the bus. The problem was, after I finished my wall mirror, the clock came down and I really never felt inspired to hang it back up...that is until today!

The wall clock was a little boring and I just wanted something a little different to have in the living room. SO here's my very first Mod Podge project for you to enjoy or whatever my mindless ramblings inspire you to do!

This is what I started with, an ordinary clock.

I removed the Back.
This is the clock Mechanism. It easy pops off the back with just a tug.
See that tiny clear plastic nib? That holds the crystal (that's the clear plastic front) in place. Press in with a small screw driver and it will pop out the front.
The hands come off with a gentle tug.

This the paper face of the clock. Old double-sided sticky tape once held this in place.
Then to the computer to design a simple clock face. You can find templates online. I made my own with photoshop.

Printed my design onto a piece of paper.
I Mod Podged the new paper face to the old one and set it back into the clock body.

Clock Mechanism snaps back into place.

The clock's hands also snap back on. Just be sure that there aren't any obstructions like air bubbles to keep the hand from sweeping around the clock.

Snap the crystal back into place from the front.

Screw the back on.


My clock in it's final resting place.
 Now we know what time it is in the living room!


  1. Welcome to the world of mod-podge! I realize that every time I was oohing and ahhing over the joys of the stuff, you were probably scoffing and shaking your head that I would use such overpriced, hyped-up formulas.... Well, now you're one of us! Ha! Oh, and your clock is adorable!

  2. Did you know you can make your own Mod Podge with three parts Elmers glue and one part water??? Elmers glue is like 10 cents during back to school season!

  3. Awe, Bets it was never like that! Julie- I knew it, I knew it!..See there is always a cheaper way!! (Sinister laugh) Thanks for the recipe!!!

  4. I like modpodge, but I just don't get the same thrill from these 'little' projects when it comes to ME actually needing to do it... your clock looks great though- anytime you want to make me something, I promise, I won't turn it down! :)

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