Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lamp re-do

Both kids rooms have small table lamps for midnight bathroom trips and drink runs. But like most lamps in my house their shades were boring white and beige. Yawn!! So I took to remaking the boring lampshades and find myself one step closer to completing the girls room and then being able to shift my focus to Aden's bedroom, which actually may become Aden and Owen's bedroom...I'll leave that for another day.

Now that project move Sophie into Abby's room is a success, I want to continue to put the finishing touches on their bedroom so I can move on to decorating Aden's room.

When it came to re-doing the lamp shades I feel more satisfied with the girls shade than I do Aden's. I completed Abby and Sophie's lamp with a clear color theme in mind, keeping with the "Romantic Blue theme" as Abby calls it.

With Aden's lamp shade however I'm not as happy with the results, but I feel like I have time to tweak it or completely start over when I move on to his room. Was his lamp an attempt to make him feel like I am dividing attention and time equally to both rooms? Perhaps. Poor kid. I will get to it.


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