Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Things that would make my grandma roll over in her grave...

Okay that title was harsh, but totally true! My grandma was particular about her stuff. So I know for a fact that if she knew that when I had inherited her furniture and other odds and ends, I her first born granddaughter, would paint and re-purpose half her stuff, she would, no doubt, point her little Pennsylvania Dutch finger at me and swear. It's true. 

The important thing is, I'm happy with what is now my stuff. It gives me great pleasure to re-purpose old things. One of these "old things" I've updated was my grandma's old porcelain egg collection, which is why I said she wouldn't be very happy. I didn't touch the eggs mind you, but I did give the display a paint job. I like the result and it goes so well with spring!

Sorry Grandma. I hope that the clouds in heaven keep covered the things I've done to your treasures!


  1. Love it, so springy!!

    And that last line sorta made me go..."hmmm..." ;)

  2. Nice porcelain egg collection! It still looks well-restored despite of its age, though. And I'm very sure that your granny is very happy with how you did with her porcelain eggs!


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