Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wall art Wednesday!

Today I'm unveiling a new "theme day!" Yes, you guess it, Wall Art Wednesday!

Making something to hang on my walls is literally something I do every week. You should see my craft space (it's not really a room, it's more like an area.) It looks like Martha Stewart's cracked out sister exploded in my laundry room. It really is quite terrible! But that, my friends, is for another day.

So on to what I made this week.

This Wall Art Wednesday I'd like to show you my new gallery wall. It's not really a gallery style wall, but I didn't know what else to call it...wall display? Ugg. I don't even know!

Anyway, I started with none other than toilet paper roll art! If you haven't tried this yet, you don't know what you're missing! I like to use the left-over tubes because they make really awesome and very easy geometric designs! The possibilities are endless.

In this week's project, I used very thin slivers of the rolls (no more than a 1/2 an inch) to make a very thin flower design.

Then I created a pattern, by laying them out on the table before gluing the design together. When I was settled with the design, I glued faux pearls into the center of each flower.

I'm using a hefty circle frame to display the art, so my design, which sets on a piece of scrapbook paper cut to size, needs to be trimmed to fit the circle frame. Centering the design on the paper, I then cut the extra cardboard from the edges.

Next, I mounted the design into the frame. When using a frame make sure it's deep enough to fit the cardboard's thickness. You can also build your own shadow box frame using this tutorial.

I'm not finished yet! I wanted to continue my "circle motif" with hand painted plates circling around the framed picture.

Plate spray painted white 
Design painted with acrylic paint

Plate spray painted white 
Design drawn with a black Sharpie

Plate spray painted white 
Design painted with acrylic paint

Plate spray painted white 
Design painted with acrylic paint
Each plate was originally a decorative Norman Rockwell wall plate. I spray painted each plate with white gloss finish spray paint. Sorry Norman! Using scrap paper and fabric as inspiration, I hand-painted the designs on each plate.

Finished wall.


  1. These are all beautiful,I especially like the idea of using the sharpie pen,that is brilliant!

  2. Love this! I work for an archives department and am a big Rockwell fan--but your designs are beautiful and easy to recreate. I might have to do this!

    Samantha - Mus(eum)ings

  3. Really lovely! Can't believe its made out of card.

  4. Great tutorial! Love it, thanks for sharing

  5. This is such a great idea. Can you email me at and let me know what type glue was used. Was it hot glue? thank you

  6. Love your art! Any ideas on what other kinds of plates could used for this?

  7. Poor Norman, indeed!!!!!!! Argggghhhhhh! Now, I envisioned one could go to thrift store and pick up some plates whose shape, design was appealing.

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  10. Great ideas! I like to use toliet paper or paper towel rolls for gift wrapping! Just stick the gift in the roll and then wrap, tie both ends with ribbon.

  11. I really love how you framed this! Beautiful! Feel free to link it up to my Toilet Paper Roll Challenge:

  12. I love this and made my own version of it. Thanks for the tutorial!

  13. Are these safe to eat on?

  14. Really Beautiful. thanks for sharing!!!! add more of your great ideas.

  15. this is cleaver idea, fantastic blog

  16. Hi! I'm new to this whole blog thing but I stumbled upon one of your pictures on pinterest and would really love to use one of your images on my blog post. It's featured here : under the Addicted to Pinterest post. I've provided the link back this page. Thanks!

  17. Wow, these are really lovely pieces of wall art! The center piece, with the use of toilet paper rolls, is really fantastic especially that it was made from recycled materials. The painted plates are also amazing and these definitely add more life to the overall wall design. Great job! Thank you for sharing these ideas because this will absolutely inspire several readers to try it out.

  18. This is amazing! I loved how you innovate it into a wall art. Very creative indeed. This is awesome and perfect for the kids! We did a toilet paper roll snake project out of the same materials you used. You should check it out! :) Toilet Paper Roll Snake Project

  19. i love your pretty tastes . thank you

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