Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Stained glass style bottle

A few days ago I used a faux stained glass kit to make a stained glass window pane. I really enjoyed the process and I hungered for more. 
This was one of those times when you get something new and you want to try it on everything! If not for the cute little bottle below, I might have liquid-leaded one of the children. Fortunately for them,  I had that blue bottle and the brand stickers were easy to remove! 

Usually I don't have bottles of liquor hanging around the house. Believe it or not I'm more of an occasional beer girl! Hey what do you expect? My maiden name was Faust and that means fist in German and we likey the beer. But I digress! That bottle there was once filled with pretty good liquor. It's whipped cream flavored vodka. It's got the word whipped and cream in the name, so you know it's good!

If you like this bottle, give the vodka a try. I'll even give you a link to some great mixed drink recipes if you're into that sort of thing. 

So I have the faux stained glass kit and a really pretty blue's a match made in heaven! I fauxed that bottle. Here it is...drum roll please....

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