Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day of School and other stuff

Today was a happy day! My first two babies were off for there first day of school. For my son it is his first full day of school, as he is entering first grade. For my daughter it's her first day of kindergarten. I have two children in school now! Of course I still have two at home also, but this is a big deal to me! My babies are growing up.

Now that Aden is in school full time, I've had lunch planning on the brain. It should be no surprise that I would be this weird about planning his lunches. I do it with dinner! Why not my kid's lunch!!

So with some minor research on the internet (really, every time I sit down to this computer lately I'm interrupted by one of the kids! I CAN'T get anything done!) I found a lot of helpful tips that hopefully will aid in planning out his meals for the school year.

The first tip, which I will talk about today, was a lunch chart. Martha Stewart has a chart here on her website that you can print out. Her project is meant to be printed out on magnetic sheets, but I know in my house that those little magnets wouldn't last a week! I opted for a DIY dry erase board to make mine.

 I asked Aden what kind of things he would like to eat for lunch, so we could avoid any major "I don't like its" over what I pack. I doubt this will be a big deal considering my children never and I mean Never have anything fancier than left-overs for lunch everyday, so anything that has not been reheated is a luxury! That's sad isn't it?

Next I went out and bought some of those lunch items he said he would like to eat for lunch. I created my own chart (thank you Martha Stewart!) with every day of the school week that allowed him to decide what sandwich, fruit/veggie, snack and dessert he'd like for that day. Here's where you can get mine.
This is simply my template, matted and framed.

When it's all filled in it looks like this:

Dry Erase Pen on the glass

Now when he gives me attitude about what's in his lunch box I can simply pint to the chart and say, "Hey, you picked it!" Gotta love that!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Meal Planner Monday

Whew! What a week! If you live on the east coast, you know what I'm talking about. Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Beyonce being pregnant! It's all too much to bear! Maybe the last thing you want to do is eat. Or perhaps eating is exactly what you need to take your mind off of things. Let me make it easier for you, by planning out your meals.

All of these recipes are easy no-cook meals. For Chicken recipes, you can purchase a rotisserie chicken or prepare the needed breasts ahead of time. Lack of power has inspired me to share these recipes with you!

Grand Total: $70.68

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Simply Creative Blog Party

Hi Everyone! I know I haven't been diligent about blogging this week and I feel badly about that! I'd like to blame it on that fact the the East Coast is in the Apocalypse right now what with our earthquake (that I didn't even feel) and hurricane Irene- but that's a lame excuse! I didn't even know about our tremor until my husband called me from Chicago asking if we were alright. Which leads to the real reason I haven't been blogging- My husband's in Chicago! Boy do I miss him!! He's been gone since Saturday and I miss him like crazy! I even miss his box hoarding! He comes home Saturday, so until then, I'm missing my other half and it's keeping me from doing the things I love...CREATING! He comes home this Saturday and it can't come soon enough. Sigh.

Why don't we have a party to help take my mind off of the love of my life being 700 miles away.

here's the top views from last weeks party

Almost No-Sew Cushions
by Sweetwater Style
Glass Window Shutters
by Dawne Design

DIY Driftwood Table
by Prudel Design
Pinkalicious Birthday Party
by Today is my Someday 

Thank you everyone for linking up!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Meal Planner Monday

Sometimes meat and I have to go on a break. You know, think things through for a while. Re-access our relationship and give my appendix hole a break.

This weeks meal planner does just that. It give you some meatless options to work into your week for one day or all six.

Going meatless a few nights a week can save you some money too, which is nice once and a while! Also produce can be picked from the garden if you have one saving you even more green.

I also added a a new tab Meal Planners on my blog menu bar, so check it out if you're looking for something from the my past planners.

Grand Total: $62.90

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Simply Creative Blog Party #10

 One of the highlights of my week is seeing all the great things people outside of my bubble create! I love being inspired by you. That's why I host this party every week.

Let me run you through a typical day in the life of me:

I get up, nurse the baby, feed the other kids (real food, not breast milk) break up fights, monitor "screen time," change two kids in diapers, fall asleep sitting up, clean up after the babies, make the big kids pick up their messes, feed the baby, run the laundry through, on a good day maybe I'll fold it, hardly ever put it away, make lunch, cry, feed the baby, be interrupted 50 times an hour...  you catch my drift.

Lately I hardly have time to read my different favorite blogs. Okay, this isn't me playing the world's smallest violin. It's just me saying I appreciate you guys for linking up to my party!

Thank you! So what have I been up to when I'm not doing all that stuff I told you above? I'm trying to recover my couch. It's a big old fraying mess of plaid,

This was the ONLY picture I could find quickly of the old couch. Sure I could take the slip covers off to take a picture but that would require getting up- So no.

but hey I found it on a curb in Jersey and it was FREE!

It's a work in progress!

I've finished the cushions though!
And yes jumped on the recover my couch in painter drop-cloth! I researched all my options and really this was the most budget friendly option. If I didn't have four very slobbery, dirty kids I would invest in a better fabric or heck buy a whole new couch. But, that's not in the card right now.

The materials I used for the piping was even cheaper. I used left overs from my clothesline and covered it with an strips of fabric from an old sheet. Zero dollars. High Five!

Now here's what we have from last week:

New Thrifty Finds

DIY iPhone Case & Foamic Sheet
by Creative Mind

Brady Bunch Cake
by Suzy's Artsy Craftsy Sitcom

Swimsuit cover up/dress TUTORIAL

Thanks so much for posting this my friends! What are you up to this week?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wedding Shower Fun

Whew! My Mom, sister (Chrissy) and I were busy this weekend! My little sister is getting married and this weekend was her wedding shower. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves...