Thursday, April 7, 2011

Moroccan- Star Plant Container

Recently I revamped my Dinning Room window sills. You see, these window sills are the home to all of my house plants. (I figure if I keep them all in the same place I'll be more likely to remember to water them!) All of the containers were mismatched and yucky, so I took it upon myself to buy matching terracotta pots and switch out all the plants. It was then that I came across this:
  Lovely right? This was something that I got from my Mother-in-law's teacher presents at Christmas time. She gets a ton of gifts from her students that she doesn't need and then gives them to myself and my sister-in-law. I took this lovely planter intending to do something to it, but three years later still hadn't gotten around to it.

Soooo, bye bye frosty. You depress me anyway- I'm so ready for spring!!

Inspired by a lovely tutorial I saw in my favorite bathroom DIY periodical, This Old House Magazine, I created a Moroccan-star design template to re-make this Christmas disaster!!

First I started with an all over covering of Aluminum Spray paint... okay silver- whatever. Then I created two templates. One is the large open star pattern, the other the small star for the centers.

Starting with the large star I cut this shape out like a snow flake.

Then I placed the template on the container and traced with a white paint pen.

 Next I cut my smaller star to paint in the center of the big star.

I continued the pattern all over the surface of the container lining up the star to create a Moroccan Motif.

With the pattern all over the container I then decided to add some color.

I almost liked it better without the yellow, but I took a risk. Guess what I can start over if I want! I love paint!


  1. I love your projects :) And yes, I liked it better without the yellow. It was actually a little shocking when I scrolled down!

  2. I'm not a huge fan of the yellow when the container is empty, but depending what you put in there, I think it could be quite lovely!

  3. Love the simplicity of the project.

    I like it better without the yellow.

    Thanks for sharing.


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