Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wall Art Wednesday

It's time for another installment of Wall Art Wednesday, a weekly blog post giving tips and ideas on what to cover your walls with and believe me, I won't rest until my walls are completely covered in art! 

Today's installment will be an ode to scrapbook paper. If you're not down with painting, but you want something cute and crafty to hang on the walls, scrapbook paper is a great option. Why stop there though, if you like to paint and you don't know where to begin, use scrapbook paper as inspiration. Let me show you what I mean-

You can make very pretty framed or mounted wall art from scrap booking paper.
These two pictures are just a rectangle block with scrapbook paper mod-podged over top.

Wanna get a little more crazy? Try using a combination of scrap paper and paint.
This painting is simply Branches painted on a blue background with scrapbook paper glued over the buds.

Finally, here is an example of using scrapbook paper as inspiration for a painting.

Inspiring scrapbook paper 
My inspiration is the scrapbook paper used in the left-had frame. 
Here is the final product:

There you go my friends. Three ways to jazz up the walls and with two of them you barley had to break a sweat!


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