Friday, September 30, 2011

Decoupaged Pumpkin Center Piece

So I was at the Gynecologist office on Tuesday (I know this not the best way to begin a blog post!) I was just flipping through Martha Stewart Living,  waiting my turn to be legally molested by my doctor when I stumbled upon a little how-to. It was Martha's Halloween issue and in it was a great little article on decoupaging  pumpkins. You know I like to imagine that Martha keeps crafting slaves in her basement and only lets them eat when they come up with a new and exciting craft idea.
Anyway, she had this great article on decoupaging pumpkins with paper or fabric. I thought about the article all through my impersonal examination and when I got home I started on my own decoupaged pumpkin.

It all starts with this:
See that? That, is supposed to be a cucumber! I received 6 "cucumber" plants from a neighbor for my garden this year. Imagine my surprise when I found 5 of them were squash and the 6th was a pumpkin, this little guy actually. I would have left him on the vine to let him get a little bigger, but he was prematurely picked by a little girl I know. So being that he's too small for pie, I thought I'd use him for decor.

So I cut it...
Gutted it...
Sopped up the gut juice with Bounty...

Then Mod-Podged strips on paper onto it...

 and allowed it to dry over-night on an empty wine bottle...

Next, I added some embellishment...

 Without flowers:

 With Flowers:

 Hmmm...wish you could see that embellishment!


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