Thursday, July 14, 2011

Flowers hide shirt holes!

This is a copy of yesterdays blip. I'm re-posting it so I can link up to some parties without being the jerk who links her blog party to a blog party! 

With a toddler who needs to nap and a baby who recognizes me as the "milk maker," I can't stay on the beach all day...believe me when I say, this isn't that disappointing- my skin and the sun don't alay get along! So, I've been spending a lot of time at the ol' beach house.

I kinda knew I would be at the house a lot, so I brought my little craft bin full of a few things I'd put off for too long. One of those things was a little black top.

I've had this shirt since 2005, when I bought it while pregnant with Abby. I loved this shirt! This skirt was amazing. It was soft, stretchy and so flattering at a very unflattering time. Even better than that, it came in handy after I gave birth, when my body looked something like a pasty deflated beach ball.

Well once again I find myself looking like an albino deflated orb, but my handy dandy stretched-out-skin-hiding-shirt was the worse for wear. Sniff sniff... tears....Actually it wasn't so bad. To be honest, it was very fixable! Yay!

Don't ask me how I got these little holes in this shirt, but I think I may have acidic breast milk. It's the only way I can explain it!

It was just a matter of covering these unsightly holes with something. Thank GOD for DIYers and their wonderful ideas! Using some DIY jersey fabric flowers and little pearl beads, I was able to cover the tiny holes with lovely flowers.

My black shirt was back in business. Which is great news, because I'm not shedding this belly anytime soon. I really love comfort food!

Okay back to the beach!!


  1. I love what you did to the shirt. I had to laugh about the acidic breastmilk :). I remember those days of milk making well and that shirt looks so comfy. My sister just recently move to New Jersey and tells me the shore is beautiful. Hope you have a great time!

  2. This is a great idea! I was just reading how Lily Pulitzer made all those crazy colorful designs to hide citrus stands from her juice stand! Your top is very stylish and unique.

  3. meant to say citrus STAINS ...sorry typo

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