Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I knew I'd get your attention with that one! Succulents are what I'd like to discuss today and by succulents, I mean the plants, not what I think of short shorts on a 50 year old man. I don't know why I said that either.

Anyway, with great weather upon us I'm in the mood for some serious gardening, but in 15 minute bursts because I'm sweating my butt off! Geez!

I'm talking about succulents a.k.a. "fat plants" because of their water retaining qualities. I have a few very difficult garden beds in my yard.
See the monster overhang?
Hey stop looking at the peeling paint! I haven't gotten there yet!

I'd be difficult too if I had no access to water! I guess sometimes they get a slanty rain drink. That's why Succulents are a perfect fit for this awkward garden bed. Somehow, even though I don't water them, they survive and add a little green to an otherwise brown  garden bed.

When summer is at it's peek these green plants will get a deep pink cluster of flowers, adding even more color to the drab front bed.

The flowers aren't the only burst of color you'll get with succulents. Also beautiful are the lovely shades of green and red the leaves turn in the sun.

Beautiful right? Not only are succulents a great addition to the garden they make beautiful living wreaths.

Succulent Wreath

Gorgeous! Someday I might attempt this. First I have to get a prettier front door. No, I won't show you a picture of that. Somethings are better left out of this blog!


  1. How on earth do you find time for everything that you do with four kids? I only have two kids, and I think that brushing my teeth is a huge accomplishment. You amaze me lady.

  2. Two things: Lots of coffee in the morning and beer to come down in the evening! jk;)

  3. OK...that first pic made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Secondly, I LOVE that wreath!!! Wonder if I could do that....?? Hmmm....

    Oh, and cool new background.

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