Monday, April 18, 2011

Meal Planner Monday

Happy Monday hungry people! I have 6 meals for you to either use or be inspired by. Just a note, when I choose a meal to post for you, I usually change something about it. I have picky eaters at my house, so if a meals calls for mushrooms, for example, I usually forgo that ingredient and my shopping rundown will reflect that change. You may like a certain ingredient when you look at the actual recipe and choose to include it on your shopping list. Just remember this will change the total cost of the meal...but you already knew that!

One thing I also try to do when I am planning meals, is to scope out the different store circulars in my area to find the best deal on groceries. This also works well if you like to clip coupons, because nothing makes a coupon more effective than a sale! If that's not your thing that's fine!

You will also notice that I use what I call roll-over meals to cut costs. I planned a roll-over meal for you this week. The first night you're going to cook the Pot Roast, being sure to save the leftovers in the fridge. The leftover roast will then be used in the Beef Mango Wraps. This kills two birds with one stone. It saves you money and uses up the leftovers. Gotta love that!

On that note, here's your rundown:

Pot Roast, Vegetables and Beer

Chicken Parmiginia

Ranch Chicken

Pork Chops with Mustard Sauce

Beef Mango Wraps *Recipe for Black Bean Relish at the bottom of beef mango recipe

Spaghetti with Veal Bolognese

The grand total for this week is:



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