Friday, January 14, 2011

There's something bothering me lately!

First of all, I love my Husband! I know every woman who still likes looking at her Husband in the morning will say the same about her man, "He's the best husband in the world!" I truly think Chris is the best husband in the world...for me. I know for a fact, if I was married to any of your husbands they would have left me in garage with the car running a long time ago! On that fact alone, that he hasn't killed me yet, I know this is the man for me! I don't know why he still loves me, but he does. Have you seen the length of my toes? Yeah, he even loves that! I just wanted to get that out of the way for when he reads this post.

So on to what's bugging me... I've been cleaning a lot lately. Totally irrational nesting stuff. Cleaning closets,  under beds,  repainting and rearranging, you know all the stuff that makes an 8 month pregnant body unable to move at the end of the day! In all of my cleaning lately I've noticed a disturbing trend through every room in the house; A total lack of trim!

It's been three years since we moved into this charming 1860s fixer upper. We've done a lot to it in that time. Chris and his Dad have touched every wall in every room of the house. They've rewired, re-plastered and repainted for three years, but one thing we've never gotten to do is finish is the trim. It's not their fault this house is a demanding mistress. She's constantly in need of this or that and she's tired them out! But the trimless windows and doors are making my eyes hurt! I want to see beauty and all I see is unfinished wood edges. It's getting to me guys.

If I were a nice girl I wouldn't mind, but the nice girl in me left a long time ago, sometime after my parents decided to have more children I think. Besides that, I could never stand an unfinished project. Maybe it's because my Dad hated trim too. There was a window at our house growing up that didn't have trim for 16 years before my Dad finally finished it.I suppose he learned that finishing things would only lead to another project.

My Grandfather once said to my grandmother, when she was nagging at him to do some random project around the house, "Betty, if I do this project for you and finish it, you'll just have another waiting for me after I'm done." And you know, that man wouldn't do it. If that story makes you think badly of my Grandfather, keep in mind my Grandma nagged the poor man to an early grave. True Story.

I hope I'm not the nagging wife, because Chris is a sweet guy and I don't want to nag him about things. In fact I don't mind doing the trim myself, it's just that I can't bend at  the waist right now and won't be able to until mid March or so.

I suppose I need to learn to be content in all things, including trimless openings. Perhaps God is teaching me that beauty is worth waiting for, but I thought I already learned that lesson when I had to wait three years to grow out of my awkward face in middle school. Guess not.

In the mean time, these pictures go out to all the ladies who desperately want trim, but can't have it right now.


  1. I have so been there! We renoated a 100 year old house in Phoenixville. There were things unfinished until we finally decided to sell the house. Then the work got done in record time! And it was beautiful for the 30 days it was on the market and then we had to move out. Should have done it three years earlier so we could have enjoyed it ourselves!

  2. So I have to know, did you end up buying a finished house next? Because I always say I love this house, but I can never do that again!! I think I want a nice little new home, with all the pun intended!


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