Monday, January 10, 2011

Meal Planner Monday

 Here's your January 10th through 15th line up. Sorry about all the meat! I realize that usually I try to plan at least one meal a week that is meatless, but this week every meal has meat in it! Even so,I did try to have two meals roll over, so maybe that will put your minds at ease...didn't care did you? I see how it is. Here you go friends!

Recipe for Pork Roast
Roll over the left over pork from this meal into the next meal

Recipe for Honey Glazed Chicken

Roll over the left over chicken for the next meal. Don't be afraid to really pick that chicken apart and get those little pieces. I like to pick all of the chicken off the bones and then boil that carcass to make chicken stock. (stayed tuned for that post! I'll teach you how to use every part of that bird so that nothing goes to waste!)

Recipe for Chicken Egg Rolls

 Recipe for Chicken Taco Bake

Recipe for Beef Stroganoff
*this recipe calls for fresh mushrooms, but I omitted because of the picky eaters!

Grand total for this week $59.42! Once again this leaves a lot of options for meal seven. To help you, I thought I'd leave you with a wonderful website I love- Cooking with Ann. I absolutely love Ann's recipes and if you enjoyed the chicken egg rolls from this weeks recipe planner, then I think you'll love her too!

Happy Cooking!


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