Saturday, January 1, 2011

Off to a great start...(insert sarcasm)

Today was supposed to be the beginning of my journey to simplicity. You know the kind you see whenever you watch Little House on the Prairie or any adaptation of a Jane Austin novel on the BBC. It's people living lives with very little "stuff." Ma Ingalls didn't didn't have three sets of dishware or knick-knacks up to her arm pits shoved in boxes in her attic. No, Ma Ingalls had what she needed. No more, no less. I bet a ten minute tidy cleaned her whole darn house! Sure she had bread to bake and chickens to pluck, but you better believe she didn't have diabetes or heart disease (though she may have used lard to cook, so I take the heart disease back!)

Anyway, I didn't get to do much in the way of downsizing today, because I just got over a stomach bug. I was puking my guts out two nights ago into new years eve with a fever of 100.3 (not terrible, but enough to evoke some serious chills and aches.) By the time my fever broke it was 7 pm new years eve night. I had enough time to crawl to the couch with my husband and watch the second half of Wild Hogs, then that horrible documentary about Joaquin Phoenix pretending to be a rapper (fell asleep) woke up to the new year count down where they force poor Dick Clark to count down from 30...are you serious!? Why do they make that poor man do that? There's nothing worse than watching someone who has suffered a serious stroke try to count down from 30 (except maybe watching me try to put on a pair of pants.)

Today I woke up with every intention of organizing something, but I just had no energy to do much except sit on my butt and drink coffee. I suppose I will start with the laundry tonight. I have a lot of bed sheets to wash and towels to de-skank. I think somewhere in Heaven Ma Ingalls is saying "Girl, you've got way too many towels and sheets!" Whatever Ma...



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