Monday, January 17, 2011

Meal Planner Monday

It's Monday again. Time to make our grocery budget bend to our will! Here is your Monday line up: Included are two meatless meals to make up for all the meat I had on the planner last week. Normally I'd say something like your appendix hole will thank you and really it will. Find out why HERE!

Totally gross, but it involves poop particles and appendix holes. Yeah, right up my alley!

SO, after that delicious topic here are your meals!

London Broil Recipe Here

Breaded Dijon Mustard Recipe Here
Sweet and Sour Chicken Recipe Here

For a grand total of $51.22 for this week's meals with the added bonus of  wonderful thoughts about your appendix hole. Happy Monday!


  1. I learn a lot if I happen to catch that show in the morning. Of Course I do have a tendency to obsess about it which make Chris a little crazy, but what the heck!


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