Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My CVS Trip

Here's what I bought at CVS the other day. Wanna know what I paid for it? 
88 cents!!

WARNING! I was that annoying coupon lady who had two transactions and made the woman behind me very angry. When I apologized, she flared her nostrils! Sorry lady, Momma need to brush her teeth, wash her dishes and shave her legs for 0.88 cents!!

Here's how I did it.

Transaction 1:
I bought the Gillette Fusion Proglide on sale for $9.99
I used a $4.00 Manufacturer's coupon on it, bring the price down to
(With this purchase I received $5.00 in Extra Bucks toward my next purchase.)

Next I bought one Dawn dishwashing soap on sale for $0.99
I used a $0.20 off Manufacturer's coupon bring the price down to

Total $7.18 with tax
used $7.00 Extra Bucks

Paid $0.18 out of pocket

Now I have $5.00 Extra Bucks from buying the Gillette Fusion Proglide and $2.00 Extra Bucks from another shopping trip. A Total of $7.00 in Extra Bucks

 Transaction 2:

I bought the Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash on sale for $4.99
I used a $2.00 off manufacturer coupon to bring the price down to

Next I bought Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief on sale for $4.99
I used a $1.50 off Manufacturers coupon which brought the price down to

Last I bought another Dawn dish soap for .79 (see description above)

Total: $7.70 with tax

used $7.00 Extra Bucks
paid $0.70 out of pocket

I paid $0.88 for a bill of $23.26 that's a savings of 97%.

I heart you coupons!!!


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