Monday, July 18, 2011

Meal Planner Monday

Sorry this post is so I say that a lot? I must. Well, I was a little busy this morning. But finally, the little ones are tucked peacefully in bed ( I love nap time!) and the older ones are playing quietly.


So on to the meal planner. This week I'm giving you a variety of recipes from a great little cook book called America's Most Wanted Recipes. This little baby is awesome for families like mine who love to eat out, but can't bare the thought of having to wrestle four kids into a restaurant, keep them calm and then try to eat a meal. Nope, not gonna happen.

Here's a little sampling of the recipes found in this book. Keep in mind this is certainly not my usual budget friendly meal planner. It will be more expensive than you're used to getting with me, but the food is guaranteed to be delicious!


I apologize for the brand name, but they do have really good wings!

This weeks grand total: $98.96...well I still kept it under $100 bucks!


  1. Wow that was great! Inspired by the best restaurant Chains! Copied each recipe! love it my dear.

  2. Good lord I've been missing all kinds of yummy recipes!!


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