Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Here's my house pizza man!

The other day, my family and some friends decided we wanted to order out for some pizza and have it delivered to the house. A reasonable idea right? Of course! We started looking through the menu to see what we wanted to order, but when it came time to call in our order to the pizza shop and have it delivered, we realized that we didn't have a number on our house. At that point, everyone in the room looks at me, eye brows raised.

Okay, yeah it was me! I took the number off of the house to paint. Oh well, I mean the house number was older than dirt and it needed to be replaced anyway.

We knew that the delivery people wouldn't be able to find the place without a clearly marked number on the house. If you doubt me, let me tell you a little something. These are the same people that a only day before delivered wings and a sandwich to my neighbor and when it was time for the delivery lady to make change, she pulled that said change out of her sweaty cleavage! Those dollars are still on my neighbor's kitchen counter. She won't touch them!!

So since I want to have pizza and other things delivered to my house, I had to put something on the house so that people, especially people with food, can find my front door!

What I made is certainly nothing to write home about. It's plain and white and that first number is the wrong font, but at least I can have a hot steaming pie delivered to my door. Now I just have to figure out how to clean boob sweat off dollar bills.


  1. Ha Ha, you're too funny my dear daughter in-law. The numbers look great... I have one question though. Why haven't you mentioned these delivery places before? I think you want to see how many freebies I can get from our friendly pizza guy from Brooklyn! As far as the boob sweat goes, put the money through the wash. Just make sure you are wearing gloves when you do it.

  2. Def good idea to have house numbers, lol. Oh and eww with the sweaty cleavage money, that is almost TOO funny.

    Also I noticed you were a NO REPLY BLOGGER HELP , and when I tried responding to your comment, I couldn't. So make sure to go fix that problem, so that you don't miss out on a huge part of blogging. People love comments, but it sucks when you can't respond to them :( Hope you fix this soon :)
    Hugs, Bella
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