Friday, July 8, 2011

Eating from my Garden

Despite the fact that we're in a heat wave and I've mostly been staking out in air conditioning, I got outside for a few minutes yesterday morning to harvest some vegetables from my garden.

There were garden beans to be picked and I even tapped into my onion, potato and carrot crop. What fun! I felt like Ma Ingalls, except way pastier (due to lack of sun) and in what in pioneer times would have been considered "soiled dove" or "lady of the night" shorts. Hey, whatever, I made a meal from my garden crop that was yummy and light on the wallet because all my produce was FREE!!

I didn't have my camera out when I washed and peeled my potatoes, pulled fresh from my garden, so you'll just have to imagine little brown potatoes. Here's what they looked like after I cut them up.
Aren't they Purty?
I made delicious fried potatoes with these little babies! Along with my onion and some butter and herbs. They turned out great!
These are my Onions and Shallots.
Butter in the pan
Frying the Onions
Threw the potatoes in...
Ready for consumption!
On to the vegetables. As I mentioned I also picked some beans and pulled a few precious little carrots.

Precious, except for this one. I call it butt carrot.
Meet butt carrot.
Do you see how butt-like it is?

I think that this is the same carrot from Gone with the Wind. Remember when Scarlett ate the bad carrot from the ruined garden. She threw up and then exclaimed, "As God is my witness I'll never go hungry again!" 

I'm pretty sure, I mean almost certain, that this is the carrot from the film. Butt carrots are rather gross...Yeah, I ate it anyway.

Beans and Carrots
There it is-a garden meal. Totally Free!

 Discovering  Butt Carrot- Priceless.

Have a Great Weekend!


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