Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We got SIMPLE today!!

Do you know how I spent this morning? Freezing my butt off under a pile of covers, while my toddler dive bombed my contracting pregnant belly and all without power, as snoprahwhinfrey, or whatever the weather experts are calling this ice disaster, was pouring 1/2 an inch of ice all over town.

Power lines everywhere were giving in to the weight and snapping left and right. We had power until 8 am and then it went off. Goodbye lights, goodbye heat, goodbye all the things I wanted to get done today!

I know, I should be happy to be alive! It's funny that me, the lady who's goal this year is to get back to simple, nearly poos her pants when the power goes out. I can't believe what a baby I was the whole time we were without electricity. Surprisingly, I didn't care about the computer or the TV...I can read books. It was really the whole not being warm thing that bothered me the most!

The temperature in the house dropped to 60 degrees and I waved goodbye to Chris as he ventured into the office (all the while thinking "he has heat there...that lucky, lucky jerk!")  See, I told you the lack of heat got to me. I'm never that mean... on Wednesday! ;)

I bundled up under the blankets as a terrible "I'm too cold to function" headache came on. Now, in all fairness I have been contracting a lot lately... a LOT, so I'm not the nicest most positive person to begin with. I read though, that it is perfectly normal for me to be such a beast in my final month of pregnancy, so I've been excusing myself! Being so cold though, was just too much to bear and Sophie using my stomach as a trampoline wasn't helping either.

But finally my man came back to save the girl! He rescued me at lunch time pealing me off the couch, getting me Tylenol for my headache and pulling Sophia out of my butt. And to make his rescue complete, ten minutes after he arrived home the electric came back on. Sigh. What a man!

This experience has taught me that I should always have a little project that requires no electricity and a pair of long johns handy. Also a generator to keep the coal stove from going out wouldn't hurt either! My poor hero spent an hour and a half getting the darn thing lit again. But don't worry, I'll make him burgers tonight and that will make him happy.


  1. I'm so very sorry for your rough day! If the roads weren't so bad, you coulda come here, we had power and heat! But, I have to say, we LOVED the pic of your superman! I laughed my rear off!

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