Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thinking about a Boy's Nursery

So today I woke up with grand ambitions, but a steady dose of contractions has put a damper on that! Don't worry it's not the real thing- yet. They're hardly timeable. So what can I do without doing much at all? PLAN! Yay! I love to plan.

There has been a project that I've been putting on the back burner until the baby comes. Something very small really- just where he's to sleep when he moves out of our bedroom and into his crib. The Babies Nursery!

I'm not being lax, just waiting for the right time. You see Sophia, my 18 month old daughter, is going to share a bedroom with her 4 (almost 5 year old sister) We've been working on the room the past few months and it only needs some trim to be completed! By the way, I'm not holding off moving them together because of trim.

Actually, Sophia is doing what every little child her age is expected to do- she's teething! Not just any teething, the dreaded molars! There's been snot and crying and fussing and snot. Have I mentioned the snot? There's been night waking and singing (she likes to sing happy birthday at night, we're not sure this child is awake when she does it!) There's been poop and lots of it! So I'm not ready to move them together just yet. I need time to get some rest, so I reluctantly decided to wait to move them together. At least I'll be physically able to do the work after the baby comes.

So, in the mean time, I will plan things out. Do you want to see what the nursery looks like now?
It's very girly. We thought that we were finished having children after Sophia, so I went all out with the girliness. It was fun. But first, let me show you what it looked like when we first moved in:
Okay this is what we started with. It is a small room (about 8x8 feet) that originally was used as a storage area for the family's clothing. Eventually we'd like to convert it into a bathroom. 
The same angle but with new flooring and repaired plaster walls.
This is the other side of the window and a view from the opened door. See, very small room. 

So, what to do, what to do? I don't want to go over-board, obviously, because of the room not being utilized as a bedroom for much longer, but I need to get rid of the pink. I'm thinking grey or grey-blue on the top and a beige on the bottom. I have a different more masculine dresser for little Owen and I'm keeping the crib. All that French provincial furniture has been moved into the Girl's room already. Some new wall art will spruce things up I think.  I want it to say "hey a boy sleeps here"  Not that pink can't work for a boy, I had an art history professor in College who's son preferred neon pink socks and that professor, would go on and on about how it didn't matter anymore what color a man wears. "Whatever floats your boat dude!" was all I could think at the time. I for one, like gender specific colors, call me old fashioned.

Here's some ideas I like so far. Not over the top, but more boy friendly.

I love that little framed out shelf above the crib!

I'm having a lot of thoughts about displaying his initials. I like what they've done here.

I'm loving the repetition of the planes. I could see this with whatever theme I chose for the room.

So I have a lot to think about today-unless I spend it pushing out a baby...oh please, please let it be that!!!


  1. So You know how close His initials are to OCD as in Obsessive-compulsive disorder??? OCI??? this poor kids gonna have your personality!!!

  2. Oh and by the way... I like the first one the best!!!!


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