Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Hello all. Please excuse my tardiness! I do not have a Meal planner Monday for you this week and here's why;

Angie's going to Haiti in three days! 

I know, you're like "Pump the breaks, Ang! Haiti?" to which I respond, "yeah I know, but my baby sister's getting married...in Haiti!"

So in three days, I'm getting on a plane and heading off to the lovely town of Montrouis (pronounced Mo-Wee.) where my sister, Rebekah lives and works and is getting married.

Rebekah and Alex
Aren't they cute?

My sister works for a wonderful mission in Montrouis called Life Connections. (Please visit the link!) Here they  provide education, medical care, food and other basic needs to the people of Montrouis. She's been  involved with the mission for over two years and it was through the mission and her work there that she met her Husband-to-be Alex.
Alex and Corsange
This is Alex and his adopted son Corsange. Here is the story of how Alex adopted Corsange

Six year old Corsange was brought to the mission’s gates. His loving grandfather sobbed as he told Dale Moyers that he did not have the  funds or resources to take care of his grandson. He was so desperate he was going to give his grandson to a restaurant so that he could live and work there. Never has LCM been given the opportunity to help a child as they have Corsange. Dale asked, 22 year old and LCM employee, Alex Binot to help. Alex simply said Corsange would become his son. Corsange is now 10 years old and still living with his “Father” Alex, attending the College Education Excellence and is in the top of his class. He is a happy and healthy soccer player and nothing makes the mission happier than knowing we have in fact saved this boy’s childhood.

Corsange is now my Nephew! So see I have a lot to look forward to. Please keep me in your prayers. I hope to have a lot of pictures to share when I get back!! 


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