Thursday, January 12, 2012

Packing and finding time for a project or two.

So I'm packing. Okay I lie. I'm doing the laundry so I can pack. Why do we have so much clothing? We should all have three outfits each, all the same color family, so I don't need to separate the laundry! Well, maybe not. I would have to do the laundry more frequently then. Urggggg!

I digress. Anyway, I'm getting ready for a trip, but I have some exciting things happening around the old Izzo homestead too!

It all started last week. We had to go into Philadelphia, so I could get my passport renewed super fast. Yeah, I pulled that puppy out and realized it still had my maiden name on it! Oops! So I had to rush into the city and have it expedited. It was a rather long and painful process, but I made it out alive and now I have a valid passport to get into Haiti. Since we were in the city, we decided to make a little time to test the cheese steaks.

We went to Pat's King of Steaks and ordered two cheese steaks "Wit-out." (Proper Philly lingo) We then took our steaks back to the warm car and scarfed them down. Then I look up to see Geno's and said to Chris "Hey, wanna try Geno's too?" Chris, never one to turn down a cheese steak, agreed and off we went to Geno's for cheese steak number two.

Yeah, I had two cheese steaks in a row. Which I must say was rather alarming, because I was still not full after I ate them both. Can you say smaller portions Ang!

Anyway, we both thought that Pat's had better steak and Geno's had better rolls. I think they should consider going into business together and combining there recipes. After all, I hear that Jim's and Tony Luke's also have cheese steaks to die for.

How did I just talk about cheese steaks so long? Gosh I need to loose some weight!

So on our way home I had to go to the bathroom. I mean, I just ate two cheese steaks! So, we stopped at Ikea in Conshohocken. I'm a firm believer that when you use a bathroom the establishment needs to be compensated for the toilet paper, so I bought a cute little hangy thinger. It's Swedish name was Grundall and if you have a dirty Chris does (not me!) You went somewhere with that name that was totally inappropriate for public and then joked out loud about it. Yeah, you're just going to have to Google it!

Since we were in the neighborhood, we also stopped at Ashley Furniture and tried out some of the couches in the showroom. We hadn't intended to but anything, but they were having a super sale, like a SUPER DUPER SALE. We ended up leaving with a very reasonably priced sofa and loveseat. Thank  you Christmas!

Well my furniture arrives in two to three weeks and since the furniture is tawny, I figured the living room wall color has to change!! The walls were due anyway. There were so many beautiful drawings on them from my little artist Abigail, but it was time for them to be covered up.

Now my living room is a lovely shade of happy blue and I must say it is much brighter and cheery in that room. Do you notice that old homes tend to NOT have enough windows? I guess it's because they needed dim lighting to hide their imperfections due to a lack of really good foundation makeup. Thank the Lord for modern times!

I also took it upon myself to further purge the other rooms of the house of unnecessary "stuff." This led to refinishing some side tables and finally completing the rolling island I made from an old wall cabinet.

See, I do keep busy still, I just don't have the time I wish I did to post it. I have a two year old an almost 1 year old to contend with. I love them though and wouldn't trade them for anything! That's what I have to tell myself everyday, so I don't trade them for an hour of alone time and a bar of chocolate! Because some days, I'll be honest, it's tempting.

Just kidding- No I'm not. Yes I am. Nope.


  1. OK, so month's ago I found your roman shades on Pinterest and made some for my guest room. I love them. Today, I pop on here to see what's new (I don't blog surf all the time) and you've been to Pat's and Geno's! Seems we must live in the same geographic area....except I still have never been there and now I've stopped eating meat. What's wrong with me ;) So, thank you for the shade tutorial and for reminding me that maybe I'll have to eat some meat only once again someday in order to make my own comparison of the famous cheese steak icons in town!

  2. Hey there neighbor!! I'm from South Eastern PA, very close to Pottstown. Are you from around there? I'd die if you lived down the street!

    Thank you for enjoying the Roman Shade tutorial! I'm actually working on some today, you should stop back to see them when I post them, because I'm going to demonstrating something a little different...wink wink!!!


    1. I'm not quite down the street. I'm in West Chester. I have a cousin in Pottstown though :) Can't wait to see the new shades. I have a couple more windows looking to be dressed up. Maybe I'll get a new idea. PS - Beautiful wedding photos in Haiti of your sister.


  3. Hey Ang! Did you give that poinsettia the "Glitter Girl Special"? Ha ha!

  4. Love the reference to bad lighting in old houses... now all of life is in Hi-Def (especially with lots of big beautiful windows!); it's worth the extra money in skin-care products to see the sun shine into your rooms.


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