Wednesday, November 2, 2011

8 Years and counting

8 years ago yesterday, I married my best friend!  I can honestly say that after eight years of marriage, I love him even more that I did then. Truly, I do. He's wonderful father and amazing husband. There's nothing I enjoy more than hanging out with him watching our favorite shows or just talking about our day. This is mushy, I know, but Chris and I have been through a lot and Lord knows we aren't perfect. I'm a neurotic freak without a socially appropriate filter and he's a...well he's a box hoarder. It's just hard evidence that God can take two hoardy-crazy people and transform their lives for the better.

Eight Years Ago

Trash the Dress with Nathan Desch Photography

Tomorrow I'll show you how I fit my large chest in my old wedding dress!!

Happy Anniversary Christopher!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary Ang and Chris. I love you both so much and you are an amazing couple!

  2. Happy Happy Anniversary you two love birds!! I remember that day oh-so-well...and can't believe it's been 8 years! Holy Moly!!! Love you both and pray God blesses your many many more years together!!

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