Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coupon Preview

Okay, so some of you could care less about coupons- I totally get that. Cutting them out and organizing them does consume a lot of time and recently I've had to weed out the expired ones, which, let me tell you is about as thrilling as cleaning up dog poop in your yard. But all the couponing I've done lately has scored me a lot of great deals!

Like Tuesday when at Riteaid I bought two oral-B battery powered toothbrushes and a Venus Razor all for $4.97 and made $12.00 in up rewards! I saved $23.00! That is thrilling to me because finally I have room in our family budget to buy things like bodywash and lotion and razors with five blades!!

You see when you decide you're going to have a large family, you've got to expect that you're going to have to pay dearly for those precious little children. Back in the day, kids had to earn their keep by working the family farm, so big families were a must. Now-a-days, the only thing kids work on a regular basis is your nerves. Oh come on, you know its true! You love them, but they NEED a lot!

Anyway, kids are expensive and to make ends meet you have to make sacrifices and often times at our house its my arm pits that are taking one for the team- cheap razors, bargin deodorant, and bar soap. Thanks to coupons,  I smell soooooo good and have smooth legs!

That's why I take the time to cut out those little paper rectangles! That's also why on Saturday I sit with my cup of coffee and plan out my Riteaid and CVS shopping strategies. All for my pits baby!

But did you know that you can get coupon previews at a website called Sunday Coupon Preview?I didn't until recently. I also discovered the usefulness of Coupon Mom! It makes things so much easier when you have a guide. So anyway, if you're interested and you didn't know about those sites, check them out!! Maybe you're pits would appreciate it too!


  1. This is quite possibly the most disturbing blog post I've ever viewed...LOL

  2. Was the arm pit hair a bit too much? I really wanted to get my point across!

  3. i'm so grossed out right now...

  4. LMAO

    hee hee! Love a good shopping trip with all my Extra Bucks in hand!!

  5. You still look sooooooo chic even with all that extra hair! Still, it think you should shave!

  6. lovely article I enjoyed it have my own coupon blog this though was refreshing to read and I like what you have done with the pics very funny stuff indeed.

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