Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Okay I'm a tired mess, but I'm getting things done! I started the week on Monday by looking for stamps. It was bill day time to send out the quarterly trash, water and sewer payments...yeah, I love the idea of paying for poo to go down a hole! I swear I had a book of stamps in my computer desk, but I couldn't find them in the normal spots, so I decided it would be a great day to clean out unwanted papers from the desk in hopes that I would find the stamps wedged somewhere in the mess. I cleaned out all the papers organizing them into the trash pile and the shredding pile and I managed to get through them all. Then I thought why not pull the desk out and sweep underneath and organizing the wiring...all right I'm nesting...you caught me. Well, I never found the stamps. I had Chris buy new ones and mailed everything out on time. I suppose someday they'll show up unless Abby used them to decorate a picture...stamps to her are just stickers! Anyway pulling out all that heavy stuff and crawling on the floor did a number on my hips, so that today I really had no ambition to do much anything but rest. However I did manage to spray paint the crib I'm working on and hopefully I will have that finished within the week. (I will have pictures soon)

My goals for this week are really to get that crib finished so I can start the transition of moving my daughters into the same bedroom. With Abby and Sophie sharing a room then I can start taking the girly baby nursery and make it suitable for a boy...I'm sure Owen could care less if his room is pink, seeing that he will barely be able to see past his nose, but I don't think big brother Aden will be able to stand it and honestly it will bother me too.


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