Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Command Strips are the best thing ever!

Anyone who has ever spent weeks spackling, priming, and painting walls will tell you about the pain those little nail holes inflict on their walls and their hearts. Finally after years of nailing picture holes at my parents house and now my own house without care, I have seen the error in my way. This revelation came as we renovated our own home and I spackled and primed and painted my own walls. Now I too feel the pain of nail holes.

What's a girl to do? You want to move your furniture around and because the sofa has a new location you have to move pictures around and lets not forget all the new things you want to put on display! But your husband (or yourself) can't have all those holes ruining the integrity of the wall. And you DO realize that why they tell you it looks good the way it is, even when it looks like crap. They don't want those holes and they'll do anything to stop you! It breaks their hearts to see all that hard work being ruined by tiny little nails!

Now for a solution and one that really works! Our dear friends at 3M, you know the same friends that gave us those beautiful decorative hooks that just stick to the wall and can hold an elephant in place without falling, and best of all without pulling the paint off your wall, have given us the command picture hanging strips.

Normally I would just go out and buy a product like this, even when my children saw the commercial on TV and told me I needed them (they also tell me I need Life Lock to protect my identity.) But I had been given a gift this Christmas that was just screaming to be displayed and I didn't couldn't think of the best way to do it without damaging the door I wanted to hang them on.

My good friend Betsy made these adorable letters for each of my children to hang in their rooms. Cute right? She does things like this all the time, she's very creative! Anyway, I thought "wouldn't these look cute hanging on their bedroom doors?" My only problem was that one of the bedroom doors is hollow and would never accept a nail hole without some serious problems and the other door is 150 years old and though it would have been easy to put a hole in it, that would have felt like putting a hole into your sweet grandma's forehead. She's old and it just doesn't seem right.

I happened to see these command picture hanging strips at Target on sale and grabbed a pack hoping that they really were what they're advertising they would be.

It took me about ten minutes to figure out how they worked, because reading the instructions would have been too easy. When I realized how they worked (much like Velcro) I stuck them to the back of the letters, removed the sticky backs and placed them on the door. Easy as pie! No holes and easy to remove. How great is that?

Needless to say I'm a big fan and can't wait to try it on some of my heavier picture frames to see if it hold up!
But most of all, it brings women and their husbands together in peace and harmony and leaves men without an excuse to help move furniture!!


  1. Those are exactly what I used for Leyna's room!

  2. Bwhahahaha - I'm so sorry that I left you to come up with this solution on your own - that's totally what I used for Lu's letters, and what I recommended to Christelle too! I'm a huge 3M groupie. HUGE. Anyhow - the letters look so cute on their doors! And isn't it great that you didn't have another 'S' name girl to share that room....

  3. We didn't have a mantle last year (I made a faux one this year though!). So, to hang our Christmas stockings I used the pretty nickel colored command strip hooks. I hung them in a zig zag starting with we older ones near the ceiling - and I liked it a lot.

    LOVE the removal! Though, I learned this year to pull the removal strip sloooooowly or it will just tear. (Not good.)

  4. Thanks for the slow removal tip!! I would be the one to rip it off the wall in haste and then spend the rest of the day with goo-be-gone trying to scrape the remnants off.

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