Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Amazing GreenPan!

A few months ago I happened to catch an episode of Dr. Oz about called Your Home: a toxic waste dump. Yeah, that's my house. I'm sure the puddles of pee the males in my home leave all over the bathroom floor would qualify me for that! Anyway in this segment he addresses a few secret household dangers you might not think about from radon drenched granite counter tops to household cleaners with potentially deadly ingredients. Right in the middle of the segment they talked about those non-stick pans we come to love over the years. Remember Teflon? Well we've already been warned about the harm of Teflon if it chips or peels and gets into our food, but now the experts are saying that even the newer non-stick pans can cause harm when they're preheated, releasing toxic chemicals that can block the action of estrogen in our bodies (possibly damaging fertility), harm your lungs and have even been known to kill pet birds whose cages were kept in kitchens. What the frick!!? Great. What to do, what to do... along comes GreenPan! Finally a pan that doesn't want to kill me. Its about time!

My Mom and Sister bought me a small set of GreenPans to try out for Christmas because, well, I had let my non-stick pans chip and peel and finally felt guilty enough to throw them away. Complaining ensues to which my dear sister takes note. Sweet of her right? So now I have my small set of GreenPans and guess what I love them! They're great because they have a PTFE/PFOA-free coating. Now if I knew what those letters stood for I really could impress you, but I don't, still, I'm impressed because life experience has taught me that the more letters something has pushed together that don't make sense the worse it is for you body... VOCs, DDT, TO, TI the list goes on and on. The also cook nice and even and even I haven't had a burning incident yet! They come with an adorable set of bamboo cooking utensils you must use so as not to scratch the pan, though I'm sure plastic would work nicely too. Best of all they clean up like a charm and are dishwasher safe!! Hooray!!!!

You can find these little babies at Target or at GreenPans are a bit more expensive than their toxic counter-parts, but well worth the price when you know it won't kill the bird you keep in the kitchen.


  1. Hmmmm...I'm in need of some new, non-stick pans. Maybe if I cam save up enough to invest in some (and I want half-decent ones this time!) I'll check them out!!

  2. I just have stainless steel pans... so my question is how 'non-stick' are non-stick pans really? Are you telling me that scrambled eggs (for example) really don't stick at all?

  3. Yes. I have stainless steel pans too and hate them...and only use my non-stick.


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