Friday, June 17, 2011

Shadowbox Butterfly Display

I had the good fortune of having a perfect butterfly drop dead in my backyard. Okay, maybe this is a bad omen. Either way I really did find a perfectly preserved Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly in my yard. Poor thing. I hope he didn't suffer! Oh well, his death will not be in vain. I wanted to honor his short life cycle in some wall art!

I set to work on a shadow box frame (find a tutorial here to make your own!!) Using some scrap-booking paper for a nice background and some silk flowers I made, I whipped up this little display for my daughter's bedroom.

Two frames glued together to create a shadow box frame.

This flower is glued to the outside the glass to add even more depth.

I'm pretty pleased with this, if I don't say so myself. I'm just sorry that this poor little creature will no longer be hopping from flower to flower, gliding through the open sky. I hope that his death wasn't a result of diseases I could catch!

The Shabby Nest


  1. Ooooooo so pretty! And I love how you put the flowers on the outside of the glass. That was a great idea!!!


  2. It look's like something you would find at the store. Beautiful

  3. What did you use to get the butterfly to stick?


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