Thursday, May 26, 2011

When a tooth pillow doesn't cut it!

Here's what's going on at our house


My son's about to lose his first tooth! It should be coming out any day now and I have to say, this whole event has made me very emotional because it marks a whole new era in our lives- my kids are growing up! Though Owen is still a baby and keeps us in a reality of diapers and midnight feedings, he's our last! With each milestone there's a bittersweet realization of this is the last time...or, in the case of my oldest, it's a new beginning! Either way it's a new and exciting time for us.

I can't sit here and dwell on my children getting older. My Zoloft isn't strong enough for that! Since I want this time for Aden to be special, I made him a very special way for him to give his tooth to the tooth the way he knows that the tooth fairy is me!

Aden has a little obsession with Mario, in case you haven't gotten that from my previous posts! He loves The Super Mario Bros! When I say he loves them, I mean he LOVES them like Sonny the Cuckoo Bird is Cuckoo for cocoa puffs! (I wanted to say like a fat kid loves cake, but I thought that sounded a little judgmental considering how much I love Heavy Whipping Cream!)

I've seen a lot of cute little tooth fairy pillows out there in blogland or Blogonia as I like to call it. Most of what I've seen is tooth themed and very cute to me, but I can just see Aden's face if I handed him a tooth shaped pillow to put his tooth in... I think it would look like this...

Yeah, he's my kid.

With his favorite character in mind, I wanted to make him a Mario tooth holder. I wanted it to be similar to those cutie tooth pillows, using the concept of making a pouch in the mouth. It's kinda weird to have the pillow eat the tooth, but whatever, it's better than the other end!

Here's what will hang on Aden's door knob when the big day arrives!

Here's how I made it.

Tooth Pouch


  1. How fun and creative and impressive of you. We are at the stage where my kids walk up to me (after 2 days of me forgetting it's under their pillow) and say "Can I please have more than a quarter??" Yeah...the next award I will be accepting is the Bad Mom of the Year Award. Oh well.

  2. Ha Ha! I said something similar when we were explaining to Aden the whole give your tooth thing. I was all like "you put your tooth under your pillow while you are sleeping and Mommy and Daddy put a shiny quarter in its place!" Chris just looked at me like I had an arm growing out of my head and said "A quarter? Really? Try a dollar! And then Chrissy who was there also said the parents at my school give their kids $20 per tooth..."get with the times!" Ouch!

  3. I took a pole of my 2nd graders, and they average $2.00 per tooth. I guess inflation has gotten to the tooth fairy. I must add though, that I spend a great deal of my instructional time telling them to get their hands out of their mouth and stop pulling on their teeth! They just love to yank those things out, and then get a little free time with the nurse. Sharon

  4. Ohh~ This is a great way to get ready for the tooth fairy's visit. And it's cool that she's not gonna wake your kids up since she doesn't have to find it under their pillows. Cool pouch, Angela!

  5. Thanks Fred! A sleeping child is a special thing and I wouldn't want to the tooth fairy to ruin that for me!!


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