Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One Lovely Blog Award

My friend Julie over at The Hopple Family blog awarded me with the prestigious One Lovely Blog Award! This was so unexpected! I didn't even prepare a speech! Julie, on behalf of all little bloggers everywhere, I gratefully accept this award!

None of this would be possible without the love and support of my husband. Chris, you complete me and your rugged good looks don't hurt either! Mom thanks for birthing me and always laughing whole-heartedly at my jokes! Chrissy, I know you like to be mentioned in my blog regularly- thank you for doing whatever you're older sister told you to do as a child, we had some good times when you did my bidding!

Thank you to Photoshop for magically giving me the body of Penelope Cruz and the Hair of Amy Adams! Not to mention, the really tan body and pale face. You're the best!

On to the real reason a gal would be awarded the One Lovely Blog Award. I have to tell 7 facts about myself that you may not know and then award this to 5 other bloggers. 

1. I'm very sensitive person without a filter. I'm very worried that I offend people on a regular basis. I probably do because I was born without a filter and I say what I'm thinking before I judge whether or not its the appropriate thing to say at the time.

2. I'm terrified of the phone. I truly tremble inside when I hear it ring! I think that I'm worried I'll be stuck on it all day or that I'll run out of things to say. Chris says I lack the ability to let a conversation naturally wind down. Instead of wrapping it up, the overwhelming fear that I'm not keeping my end of the conversation up, makes me talk a mile a minute and keeps a conversation going for waaaaaay too long.

3. I will always feel my house is a mess! Like this morning, I got up and it smelled stale in the living room, picked up, but not fresh smelling. I thought "FAIL!, you will never have a clean house!!" Extreme? Yup, but that's how I feel about myself some times...failure!

4. I have a fear of rejection. I'm not sure why, but I usually expect people not to like me and feel surprised if they do.

5. I have chicken legs and I hate them! I wish I could have more curves in the leg area, but it seems I'm one of those lucky ladies that has all her curves in her belly area. It's a lovely pot belly curve, my badge of honor for having birthed four children.

6. I have a temper. I blame it on my Scots-Irish roots! My Great Grandfather Robinson was known to have thrown a salt shaker or two across the room when he was unhappy with the table setting and I have been know to toss a laundry basket or two when I get testy and need to make a point. I've gotten much better with age, but Chris will never forget that I once hit him with a car (Oh calm down! I was backing up and I warned him to move or I'd hit him! Besides it was only at tap and I was going 2 mph!)

7. I can't stand an idle man, which is hilarious because my hubby is so laid back. It's a catch 22, because I hate that he's laid back when there's a job to be done, but his chill personality is what attracted me in the first place! It goes to show you that God loves to give you a mate who completes you and Chris certainly fills in the cracks where I'm lacking. I'm sure I do for him too! 

There are 7 facts you might not know about me and here are my five awards!

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Alisha at Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife
Dana at Cookin' at Cafe' D


  1. After reading alot of your blog? You deserve this award! and I cannot imagine someone as delightful as you ever feeling rejection or offending someone! LOL!

  2. Angela,
    Thank you so much for the award!! That was so sweet of you and I really enjoyed reading your 7 facts. You are so sweet!!

  3. can i just say that all 7 things you listed are 7 qualities about ME too??? we are eerily similar angie... maybe this means someday i'll pop out 4 kids too! thanks for entertaining me with your blog- that's one thing we don't share is that you're hilarious and eloquent at the same time!


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