Monday, March 28, 2011

Meal Planner Monday

Have you ever checked out It's one of my favorite go-to sites for dinner planning. While recipe planning for this week I came across this interesting meal planning strategy-Twenty for twenty.

Apparently if you stock your kitchen with the following ingredients you can make twenty meals. Now that's a nice promise. Maybe this style of planning works well for you. If it does I'd like to know!!

click here for the link 
Twenty for Twenty

Don't like repeated trips to the grocery store? Stock up on these 20 ingredients, and you can make 20 delicious dinners.

The Ingredients

To make the 20 recipes below, stock up on these 20 ingredients (and be sure your pantry includes the essential ingredients listed on the right).
1.  Jarred spaghetti sauce
2.  Milk
3.  Cheddar cheese
4.  White wine
5.  Lemons
6.  Dry bread crumbs
7.  Canned tomatoes
8.  Eggs
9.  Parmesan Cheese
10.  Sour cream
11.  Mozzarella cheese
12.  Boneless chicken breasts
13.  Bacon
14.  Ground beef
15.  Assorted Pasta
16.  Potatoes
17.  Frozen Broccoli
18.  Cream of chicken soup
19.  Cream of mushroom soup
20.  Frozen spinach


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