Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Garden Time!!

I love this time of year, when the weather though cold, still feels warmer than the same temperature would in the dead of winter. The days are longer and you finally feel yourself shaking off the winter blues.- seasonal depression sucks!! It's the perfect time to start the backyard garden.

Well this week I'm going to start...a little late...my backyard garden. Right now it's all yucky looking with dead plants and compost piles, but in a few weeks those brown piles of crap will be sprouting with green!

Since we're still in danger of frost, I'm going to start some plants indoors. I have a variety of plants, staples that I stick to every year like tomatoes, peppers, beans, onions, lettuce, carrots, spinach, peas and a variety of herbs. I'm getting a little adventurous though and I'm adding to my list of home grown goodies potatoes, shallots and cucumbers. This should be fun. 

Not all of these seeds should be started indoors. I'm going to plant the lettuce, spinach, onions, shallots potatoes and carrots right in the soil when the time is right. The rest gets planted in my handy dandy indoor greenhouse available at Walmart- how'd you like that endorsement?

The little greenhouse is a very easy way to start seeds and it fits so nicely on my window sill. When the seedlings are ready to be transplanted outside, it's shamefully easy to lift them right out of the flat and put them into the ground.

So, while my little man was sleeping like this and my little lady was doing whatever this was to her cereal, I planted my seeds.

Silly girl. 

This weekend I'm going to be turning the soil in the garden and planting my onions...I should have had them in the ground by Saint Patty's day. Oh well better late than never I always say...actually I don't say that...ever.


  1. Girl, you put me to shame. Good for you with your back to basics, home grown goodness. Want to come do a garden for me? :o) Maybe we could barter, I'll do your board and batten foyer, you do my garden....

  2. ooo...I wanna come see your garden thingy!! I think I might hit up WM and do the same thing! thanks for posting this one...I'll hafta see if I can get mine going, because I always wait way too long...

  3. I am proud of you - you are on top of gardening! And that Silly girl is adorable and just like her mother.

  4. We use those too. I started my sunflowers, squash and zuccini in them, some tomatoes plants too. We have a bad rainy season in the fall. So they get the blight if we do not start them all inside to help speed up the growing. It is always so nice and saves money to have a veggie garden.


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