Friday, September 28, 2012

I'd like to introduce you to a friend of mine. Someone who's been with me through thick and thin...literally. May I introduce, my dear friends, my Fat Jeans.
These babies were the best. And when I say the best, I mean  they were extraordinarily comfortable. They hid the old muffin top like a champ and darn-it, if I wore the right belt, they almost made me appear to have a butt! I loved these jeans. Until it happened. You know what I'm talking about. It's happened to all of us at one time or another. Male and female. Young and old. The tell-tale sign of wear.... the unsightly hole.

It can be in the knee, the crotch or the butt. It doesn't matter where, it hurts all the same. Then comes the decision: do I repair or start new? Start new, and you have to deal with the time and effort to really break them in, wear them down and make her conform to your non-Barbie contours. It takes work. OR you buy those crappy iron-on patches that fall off after two washes. There IS a third repair option though. One that's not so fun, but  promises new found life for your dear old friend.

We've all seen it on Pinterest, those cute sewn-on patches that make your pants look like high end distressed jeans rather than Grandma's sewing bin quick fix. Ahhh, but then you have to take out the old sewing machine and that's just so much work...Suck it up ANG! Really, I can do this.

Online you can find a variety of Tutorials on how to do this. People use woolly fabrics, plain old cotton fabrics or old cut-up jeans. I imagine you can use whatever you'd like. The possibilities are endless. I chose something I already had- a denim iron-on patch.

Thread is another decision left solely to the taste of the seamstress. This seamstress chose blue. Unoriginal, I know.

Then I zigged and I zagged all over that butt hole...
 I scribbled....
 This is way easy and lots of fun!
When I was finished, my hole was all closed up and lookin' fine.


Now, no one will say, "hey, I see your underwear" anymore! My muffin-top will be reigned in where it belongs and my butt will say to the world, "here I am, right here... Wait, look closer. CLOSER! I'm right here!"  Alright forget what my butt just said.


  1. Good patch job! I always sew on the iron-on patches, because they don't last unless you do. "Darning" with the zig-zag stitch is brilliant!

  2. That is a darn good fix....and just think of all those wearings you will get out of those jeans, good thinking! Have a great weekend!!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Doesn't every woman own a pair of Fat Jeans?! I just added some iron on patches to the holes in mine. The holes were at the knees not the back pocket though!

  4. Thanks for the post! I have a pair of corduroys that are my absolute favorite. They make my legs look long (they aren't) and my muffin top look smaller (it isn't). The only problem is that they have a hole exactly where yours was. Kudos on the project. I can finally take these pants out from the bottom of the drawer and wear them again. Heading out to buy a patch today…and just in time for fall. Thanks again!

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