Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Stair Treads

My house is old. You all know that. But along with the age comes all that 19th century charm!

One of my favorite little charming features of my home is the old stair case leading to the second level. That being said, and all charming aside, these old beauties can be a death trap.

The old wooden treads are somewhat worn from 150 years of walking up and down and when you like to traverse your home in socks, that can be a recipe for a nice tumble down the steps. Believe me when I say we all have done this from time to time. The worst though, is when the kids do it, because I made them and I really don't want them to break!

To add to that, my recent condition and the six pound baby sitting on my bladder calls for frequent trips to the bathroom (which by the way is on the first level!) I have to brave the stairs in the dark most nights and there have been times I've slipped and caught myself on the railing. And even though I make the joke that I could throw myself down the steps to induce labor, I really don't mean it.

So, because my Mother-in-law loves me and her grandchildren, heck throw Chris in there too, she bought me these ever-so-cute stair treads to keep us from falling down the steps!

She found these treads on a website called Solutions.com. It's definitely worth browsing this site if you're looking for handy organizational products for your home.

I must say I'm liking the stair treads. They have nice gripping pad on the reverse side and though they come with tacks to permanently fix the treads to the floor, I found I really didn't need them.

Here's what they look like on the stairs. I know that my steps look kind of dirty and gross and that's because they need a painting in the worse way!  I also want to paint the rails, but that all is for another day my friends.

But lets always remember this is what it looked like when we first moved in!

There I feel better now! 


  1. Those treads are aweosome...so functional, yet cute and cozy at the same time!

  2. Just ordered the stair treads for my sister. Got $5 off each set and free shipping, too! Woo-hoo!

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